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FRP Prelaminated PU Foam Panel

Structure: FRP skin + PU (Polyurethane foam) + FRP skin

Bonding technology: vacuum with high pressure, guaranteeing the strength and stability. 

Product Detail

FRP Prelaminated PU Foam Panel

FRP Prelaminated PU Foam Panel


Thickness:12mm-65mm,according to your application
Width:up to 2800mm,standard size 1.22m
Length:2440mm standard, can be customer specific
Colors:RAL-, scale or customer-specific shades
uv/weatheringExcellent protection
Finish choiceVersatile, meeting different require. Gel coat available

Typical Features:

1. Light-weight &high-intensity

2.fire resistant & insulation

3. Anti-impact & scratch

4. Corrosion resistant

5. easy to clean & install

6. Anti-mildew, mould, moisture, resistant

7. Resilient to weathering and hail

8. Excellent thermal characteristics


Warm / dry compartment, large-span structure, roof, walls, thermal insulation (or fire) plant, purification plant, high profile portfolio of housing, container house, cooling room and so on.